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Sim Racing and Gaming Cockpits for Enthusiasts



25 to 33%


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Select our Tech Line Simracing Cockpit.

Incorporate your PS, XBox or slim PC in the FSim motor compartment with USB Hub and all electrical cables.

  • Add our FSim GT3 seat or install yours

  • Add one to three monitors mounted on-board of the cockpit or stand-alone

  • Add keyboard swinging support

  • Add one or more shifter/handbrake/Hotas support and place them where you need

  • Add F3D motion platform with electrical motors for 3DOF motion simulation

And then ... "Start Your Engine"


And if you prefer to fly

Our FSim cockpit will perfectly fit to your need

Enjoy the new Microsoft Flight Simulator or your preferred Warbird or Space Simulator with our FSim Tech Line cockpit.​

Be ready to enjoy the sky or space without limit

2019-porsche-911-rsr-for-fia-wec (4).jpg


Founded by gaming and racing passionate peoples with large industrial background FSim design and produce high end sim racing cockpit based on aluminium profile with a focus on quality, modularity and design.

With FSim cockpits play your passion with the sense of exclusivity you deserve. 

Our talented team works hard to bring our vision to life in order to create a one of a kind simracing or simflying gaming experience for all of our customers.

Read on to learn more about what we do best.

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