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Customer's review on the F3D motion platform (3 DoF)

Sergey is a passionate simracer from Russia and when he decided to upgrade his rig for a more immersive solution in VR, he chose our F3D platform. we ask him if he would kindly agree to make a review and here after are his own words :

"F3D Motion platform really adds to the sim racing experience.

It's my first experience with the whole chassis motion systems and feels great although not exactly what I expected.

Let me explain. Compared to a seatmover this system is more subtle (although it depends on settings), which is came unexpected to me, and while seatmovers are great at generating the somewhat believable g-forces, F3D Motion platform is able to simulate the suspension of a car, which is something that seat movers can't do very well. Motion feels strong and very explosive, letting you experience every little bump on the track, but not distracting at all.

I tried combining a seatmover with this system, but it sadly didn't work very well as the seatmover was taking away tiny details that the F3D Motion platform can produce.

Talking about tiny details, what I really did not expect from the system is the vibration it's able to generate.

Rumble strips just feel awesome.

Also, I'm not sure how they've done it, but the traction loss feels very natural, given there is no dedicated sway or yaw element

in this system obviously. First time experiencing it in VR got me scared a little bit, haha, it really felt like something went out of control (as it should feel).

I highly recommend trying this motion system in VR, it's very very immersive.

My unit was shipped within a week from the placing order. The delivery process went smoothly too (I live in Russia).

The packaging was very well done and Michel from FSIM provided all the support from the very first day. Setting both hardware and software up was pretty easy, at least for me, and can be done by one man..."

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