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Tune your cockpit with legendary decoration skins or do it to your own taste

We are looking to add a tuning service where you can buy skins to add to your cockpit. You will be able to select predefined legendary skins like the "Gulf" or "Martini" ones or to load skins template to create your own skin with your own pictures and send back to us.

Or more simply send us a file and let us do the job for you.

Please, react on the idea by liking this blog and for the most enthusiasts you can already work on your own project by downloading the skin available as download.

Price to be determined but varying most probably from 70€ to 110€ depending if using pre-defined skins or if only pictures are provided and final creation is left on our side.

Do not hesitate to comment or send us your idea of skins on our e-mail address

flat cover
Download PDF • 19KB

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