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Our Product Line
Tech Line Sim Cockpit 
  • the sim chassis is built around an 80x40 Aluminium profile frame for modularity and easy upgrade

  • FSim "Motor Compartment" concept including :

    • Easily removable cover giving access to a box to install your XBox, PS, slim PC or just allow to hide all cables, plugs, USB Hub and simplify cable and accessories management.

    • USB, Speaker and microphone hub included for connecting Tablet, phone or headset from the seat.

  • Pedal plate support 

    • Adjustable in angle and horizontal position with a slider accessible from the seated position

    • Compatible with most pedals (see detailed list in FAQ section)

  • Wheel Support 

    • Adjustable in angle and horizontal position 

    • Compatible with most wheels (see detailed list in FAQ section)

    • Special support in option for Fanatec Podium DD wheels

  • Comfortable Racing Seat  FSim GT3 Full Bucket Style design

    • reclining and adjustable in position with a slider​

    • it includes specially designed cushion to allow air circulation even during extensive gaming session

  • Delivered to your home in 3 packets largely pre-assembled in modules for quick assembly (less than 1 hour, download procedure in the FAQ question section

Tech Line cockpit
Tech Line cockpit w/o seat
wheel plate adjustment
The FSim "Motor Hood"
For your PS, XBox or ....
Tech Line with FSim Seat
example installed
View from Front



25 to 33%


F3D : Passion drives to Motion 

​Experience motions connected to your simracing cockpit

  • reproduce the movement of the car and G-forces thanks to our F3D platform : 4 cylinders mounted on your cockpit adding 3 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) motions

  • the F3D package includes :​
    • 4 Cylinders (Scorpion S from PT Actuator) with their drives and control system with 150mm stroke ideal for flight or rally simulation which will need ample movements, 150Kg force and 500mm/s speed and will react quickly and accordingly to the signals send by

    • Sim Racing Studio software Licence (3rd party software) which will transfer the information of the game to the drives of the cylinders. this software is a reference in simulation and compatible with most of the racing and flying games (see compatibility list at 

    • A dedicated button box with power-on and emergency button will allow you to safely operate the full system, Led stripes to locate under the chassis to highlight the motion zone and all necessary cables and accessories.

  • Dedicated support for quick and easy set-up with every F3D package 

    • 3 hours dedicated one to one support to perfectly install and tune your system to your taste. the use of TeamViewer, Teams or other Conference tools will allow you to have our technicians "at your home" and at your service

    • Available language for the support : English or French

Scorpion PT Actuator
Full setup 3DOF and triple screen
PT actuator scorpion 150mm
Example of 3DOF with 4 motors
example of 3DOF with 4 motors
power-on and safety button

Add Accessories to tune and personalise your cockpit

  • Gear Shifter/Handbrake/Hotas support :

    • Easily mounted on both side of the rig and adjustable in height and position

    • You can add one or more per side

    •  Using a grid to adjust to various devices, you can install shifter, handbrake for Rally drivers or Hotas to fly in the air or in the space

  • Keyboard support

    • Adjustable in angling and swivel it brings your keyboard or tablet always usable during your gaming session.

    • Can be mounted on both side of the rig, specific support position are designed on the wheel support plate to fit your needs and comfort.

Keyboard tray
Example of keyboard on tray
Keyboard hinge
Shifter/Handbrake/Flight Hotas support
Support with shifter mounted
Support for Hotas
Support for Hotas
Screen support

Install your screen(s) on-board the cockpit or on a stand-alone support

  • the FSim on-board screen support is mounted on the cockpit itself allowing all cable to route via the FSim "Motor Compartment" for easy cable management or direct connection to your XBox, PS or Slim PC :

    • You can then choose a single screen support that will come with a dedicated stiff Vesa plate (adjustable from 75x75mm to 200x200mm).

    • You can also choose a triple screen support that will allow a triple screen mounting with adjustable angling. It will be delivered with Vesa support adjustable from 75x75mm to 400 x 800 Vesa. 

  • Stand alone screen support for up to 55" screens, cable routing is incorporated but will be connected directly to stand alone PC 

    • Same possible choice of single or triple screen support.

Single screen support on-board
Single screen on-board
Triple screen (details)
Triple screen (details)
Triple screen on-board
Example triple screen on-board
Stand-alone triple screen
Example triple screen stand alone
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